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Whether your fluid power requirements are hydraulic or pneumatic,
Stewart Hunt can help.

Five megasys Gates hydraulic hoses displayed on gradient background with custom fittings.

Powering your business.

Showing six products from line of pipe, fittings, nipples, flanges, black, galvanized, stainless steel, and PVC; malleable threaded, Campbell fitting, dixon coupling, conbraco valve.

From catalog-issue units to custom solutions designed to your specifications, Stewart Hunt is your one-stop supplier of all your fluid power needs. Our engineers are experts, with over 300 years of combined knowledge on staff. 


Our extensive inventory of Eaton Char-Lynn® motors, Continental Hydraulic Vane pumps, Prince Hydraulic cylinders and valves are here to serve you with immediate delivery. 


Whether you are looking for a simple filter or a complex power unit, Stewart Hunt has what you need. 

Installation crew of Virginia Carolina Belting working onsite to install heavy duty conveyor belt.
Hydraulic Pumps
Hydraulic Motors
Power Units

Whatever your industry or application...

Installation crew of Virginia Carolina Belting working onsite to install heavy duty conveyor belt.
Quick Disconnects
Gear Reducers
Hydraulic Oil
Hydraulic Tubing
Ball Valves
Flow Meters
Pressure Gauges...

Fluid Power Accessories

hydraulic & pnuematic


Part of Eaton since 1999, Vickers is a comprehensive supplier of power and motion control components and systems. Here at Stewart Hunt, we offer their line of -


  • Industrial Valves

  • Mobile Valves

  • Piston Motors

  • Piston Open Circuit Industrial Pumps

  • Screw-in Cartridge Valves

  • Servo Valves

  • Vane Motors

  • Vane Pumps

  • Filters

Stewart-Hunt has your fluid power needs covered.

Specifications of an eaton char-lynn Spool Valve motor, Geroler.

Partnership with EatonChar-Lynn®

Char-Lynn® low-speed, high-torque hydraulic motors deliver from 200 to 45,000 in-lbs. of torque at operating speeds up to 2,000 rpm and offer options including integrated brakes, 2-speed operation and speed sensors.


They exceed the demanding requirements of the mobile vehicle and industrial machinery markets and help you build a reputation for dependability.

Power Units


Stewart Hunt offers both standard units off the shelf and custom built power units, designed and fabricated from your dreams and our experts.


We provide testing and incorporation, as well as a full range of associated services including in-house repairs of pumps, motors, valves and cylinders.

Prince Hydraulics red cylinder on isolated background.

With a design based on the Orbit Principle in which an internal gear rotates inside of an external fixed gear, these motors are known for their reliable high-power density, modularity and economic design.


Each of the three Char-Lynn product lines include a wide variety of available displacements customizable specifically for application needs:


  • Spool Valve motors

  • Disc Valve motors

  • VIS (Valve-in-Star) motors

Pumps & Motors

PrinceContinental HydraulicsEaton Char-Lynn, Eaton Vickers, and other top brands carried.


Stewart Hunt offers an extensive line of mobile open-circuit piston pumps gives engineers and operators customizable options and features that improve density, flexibility and energy efficiency for a wide range of industries and applications.

An example of the L series Vickers cylinder from Eaton, as distributed and provided for by Stewart hunt.



Stewart Hunt a wide and diverse range of hydraulic cylinders. Available in standard or custom-engineered models, industrial cylinders boast unmatched quality, variety and features to meet the needs of the most demanding applications around the world.


From the harsh environments of offshore drilling rigs and steel mills to complex machine tools, our threaded, welded, mill duty, and custom pneumatic, hydraulic and electrohydraulic cylinders and standard industrial tie rods excel just about anywhere.

An example of the L series Vickers cylinder from Eaton, as distributed and provided for by Stewart hunt.

Featuring modular designs for flexible displacement, mounting and port options, as well as cartridge kits engineered for easy interchangeability and repair, our vane pumps excel in molding, material handling, construction, manufacturing and automotive industries. 

760 Eaton Hydraulic Motor



PrinceContinental HydraulicsYuken, Gresen, Hyvar and other top brands carried. Stewart Hunt maintains a large selection of standard directional control and accessory valves.


  • Monoblock Directional Control Valves

  • Sectional Body Directional Control Valves

  • Loader Valves. 

  • Flow Control / Flow Divider

  • Circuit Selector

  • Ball Valves

  • Flange Adapters


An example of the L series Vickers cylinder from Eaton, as distributed and provided for by Stewart hunt.
Five megasys Gates hydraulic hoses displayed on gradient background with custom fittings.
Prince Hydraulics flow control valve on isolated background.
Prince Hydraulics flow control valve on isolated background.
The PRINCE valve model DS is a manual 6-way 2 position double selector valve.
Prince Hydraulics flow control valve on isolated background.

Brought to you from Prince Manufacturing, this top-brand fluid power line was developed to target a different segment of the market. 3000 psi Welded Cylinder - Double Acting - Heavy Duty applications.


Quality is ensured by testing done in their R&D lab, working with the manufacturer's engineers to improve products.

The Wolverine Line

  • Monoblock Valves - 8gpm, 14gpm

  • Hydraulic Pilot Control Joystick

  • Hydraulic Motors

  • Hydraulic Handpump

  • Pressure Gauge

  • Inline Check Valve

  • Tie-Rod Cylinders

  • Ball Valve

  • Inline Flow Control

  • Logsplitter

  • Inline Needle Valve

  • Flow Control Valve

Hydraulic & Industrial Hose & Fittings...

With our family businesses, we carry the premier names in the industry such as Eaton, Goodyear, Gates, Sunflow and Kanaflex with an extensive inventory in multiple locations, including a full complement line of fittings and accessories.


We specialize in large diameter hoses including up to 12” heavy duty rubber suction and discharge.

We can supply all your industrial hose needs including Air, Water, Steam, Material Handling, Chemical, Petroleum, Marine, Food, LPG, Sandblast, Gunite, DOT Airbrake. We offer a complete line of industrial hose fittings including Cam and Groove, Quick Couplers, Dry Breaks, Sanitary and tube fittings to name just a few. 
Large selection of Tubing, available in Teflon, Polyurethane, PVC, Gum, Neoprene, EPDM, Nylon, Silicone. Ducting from 1” - 24” in stock, cut lengths available, all materials including PVC, Thermoplastic Rubber, Urethane, Silicone, Aluminum and Fiberglass.

Heavy Duty Conveyor Belting & Services

Looking for "Made in USA".  We've got it.  As New England's only authorized Goodyear/Continental Conti-tech distributor you can be assured that quality will never be compromised.  Whether your application demands the high performing Plylon Plus, a poly-nylon construction in both 110 PIW and 125 PIW fabrics or our Spartan series, a poly-poly construction in 110 PIW fabric designed for those less demanding applications we can help. 


Our own Viking line of belt is manufactured Tough and Tested Tough on over 70 miles to date in some of the most torturing applications...VIKING® PREMIUM Belt uses Premium Polyester/Nylon fabric in the belt carcass with a full 10 to 1 break strength for minimum stretch, maximum fastener retention and superior load support. 


Need help deciding?  We make "house" calls.  Just give us a call and we'll come by and give you our input.





Heavy Duty Conveyor Belt

Single ply, two, three and four multiply

Hot Belt, Cleated Incline, Corrugated Sidewall


Lightweight Conveyor Belt

Food Belting & Bulk Handling

Packaged Handling

PVC & Urethane

Cleated Incline

High & Low Temperature Belt


Rough-Top, Diamond Top, Table Top Chain

Our staff is fully MSHA and OSHA safety trained and certified. 


With our sister companies we offer...


  • On or off-site installation and vulcanization.

  • On-site vulcanization up to 72" wide. 

  • Cleating, V-guide and corrugated sidewall

  • In house custom slitting to any width up to 72" wide

  • Elevator bucket belt punching and installation.

  • Chute lining installation.

  • Mechanical fastener installation. 

  • Pulley lagging and repair.

  • Detailed belt surveys with accompanying recommendations.

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